I want to represent you on the District 623 School Board

The main job of the School Board is to make sure that the students in our district communities have access to the best possible education. Part of this job is listening to you, the parents and families of our kids, and advocating for you with district leadership and resources.

It is also imperative that we listen to the whole community – even if you don’t currently have kids in the schools, or if you have chosen to enroll your students in private schools, or home school, the strength of our public school system is still vital to the overall strength of the cities we live in.  I believe — I KNOW — that strong schools are the number one factor in young families choosing where they will live, decisions that have a cumulative effect on the very desirability of a neighborhood.

I also believe the Board needs to be attentive to those in whom we place the greatest trust:  the teachers and staff who do the actual work of helping our kids attain their fullest potential.  I believe that inclusion of input from all stakeholders will lead to the best, most optimal direction for 623 as move into the future.

Please, let me know what is important to you and join me in making our schools more effective for our kids and our future.