Speaking out with CTV

CTV invited school board candidates to speak out about what we think is important this election year. Please click on the link to take a look at the video I recorded with CTV at http://video.ctv15.org/elections/MikeBoguszewski.mp4

And here is the link for the complete set of all four candidates:  http://trms.ctv15.org/TRMSVOD/9477-CandidatesSpeakOut2015-ISD623-trms-Medium-v1.mp4  (Note: you may need to copy-and-paste the link directly into your browser).

I would encourage you to take the time to view ALL of us, so that you can make a better informed choice on Nov. 3.  Each of us was given about 5 minutes, and I’ve listed us all here with the times at which our portion begins and ends.  In order, the candidates are:

  • Todd Anderson 0:00- 2:26
  • Erin Azer 2:26-7:07
  • Mike Boguszewski  7:07-12:01
  • Bob Murray 12:01-16:54

Also, the 17-minute complete set is broadcast on CTV Ch. 15 at various times from now through election day.  For the CTV schedule which lists broadcast times, go to:  http://trms.ctv15.org/Cablecast/Public/Schedule.aspx?ChannelID=4