Voters Guides

Mike and the other candidates participated in several newspaper guides to help voters compare their responses.  They all differed somewhat in what they asked.  Links to the Guides are below — NOTE: you may need to copy and paste them into your browser.  Please do check out these guides so you can compare each candidate’s background and what they each submitted as their priorities for the District!

The Roseville Review Guide can be directly accessed at:

The Park Bugle Guide can be directly accessed at:

All of our responses are on this page.  You can also get to it by clicking on the “November 2015 Print Edition” button on the first page of the main site, and then scrolling to page 15.

For the St. Paul Pioneer Press Guide go to:

First click on “Desktop” or “Mobile”, depending on the device you are using.  Then, in the “Office Type” box, scroll and click on “School Board”. Next, in the “Office” box, scroll and click on “Roseville School Board”.  If you’re in “Desktop” mode, both questions will appear side by side.  If in “Mobile” mode, you can go to the “Question” box, and click on either of the two questions shown, which will bring up the answers each of us gave for that question.

For the Minneapolis Star Tribune Guide go to:

Click on “Get Started”, then you enter your address info, and then your street name, and the next screen will list all races for your precinct.  The names of each of us four School Board candidates will appear, and you can click on each name to see our answers to the questions.