More About Mike

My wife Debbie and I moved to Roseville from out of state in 1991 when we learned we were expecting our first child. We looked at test scores, grad rates, and other indicators, and moved specifically to live in ISD 623. The District has a history of being strong, successful and justifiably proud. Our son Tom is an alum of Falcon Heights School; both he and our daughter Anna also attended the EMID schools, options long available to 623 families. They’re both grown now, and like most parents, our kids were….well, our kids were “it”, the center of our family. My desire to serve on the School Board comes from my passion to ensure that 623 is second to none in the quality of our education.

Boguszewski — What kind of name is that ??

Don’t fret if it isn’t easy to figure out how to pronounce my name the first time you see it – it takes some getting used to. I pronounce it:


Believe it or not, it used to have one more letter – a “c” between the “w” and the “s”, that got dropped somehow when my grandfather arrived from Poland in 1910. In Polish, the name means “God’s Shoemaker” or “God Cobbler”.