Show your support!

If you’d like to help keep my experience, skills and leadership on the School Board, please let me know! Let your family, friends and neighbors know about me, and encourage them to check out my site and let me know what they think are the important issues facing our schools.



I will have minimal, if any, campaign expenses for this 2019 election cycle, so will not need any donations.  If you WOULD like to make a financial gift to help keep our schools strong, please consider making a donation to the Roseville Area Schools Foundation, who use contributions to help our district in many, many ways.  Please visit to check out what they do, and to access their “Donate” link.  (NOT the button below).  Thank you!

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Lawn Signs

Please let me know if you’d be willing to let me place a lawn sign in your yard.  You don’t need to do anything but let me know your address – I will come by and stick the sign in the ground, (and of course you can move it as you wish!), and then I’ll come back within a day or two after the election to remove it.